Free SSL Security Certificate, 256-bit data encryption, TLS 1.2

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01st November 2017

Every website hosted by I.T. ZAP Website Design Works now includes a free SSL Security Certificate with 256-bit data encryption, SHA-256 signature hash algorithm, TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 security protocol compliance.

This applies from 1st November 2017 and is an additional feature included on the new I.T. ZAP LiteSpeed Website Hosting Server.

The hosting server also supports Server Name Indication (SNI) that indicates which hostname is being contacted by the browser, meaning that your website now does not need to have a Static IP Address for the SSL certificate.

So why is this good great ?

  1. For starters, you won't need to pay $125.00 per year for an SSL Security Certificate and Static IP Address.
  2. Signed by cPanel Inc, the SSL Security Certificate complies with all the very latest online security standards and PayPal merchant security requirements
  3. cPanel automatically renews the SSL certificate every year, so it will not expire and remains current forever.
  4. You can now use your domain name as the SSL secured and encrypted Incoming and Outgoing Email Server Name. Find more details about that here
  5. If you wanted to activate the Ecommerce Templates Shopping Cart, allow customers to enter confidential information online, accept orders and process payments live over an SSL secured and encrypted connection … well now you can !
  6. Your entire website can now be switched from unsecured http across to secure HTTPS, which is now considered best practice, heavily promoted by Google and most certainly the best way to give visitors confidence that entering sensitive information on your website will be safe, secure and remain confidential.

For those customers who currently have a GeoTrust SSL Certificate installed, I recommend we allow that to expire and then use the free cPanel certificate from that day onward.

Activating the Shopping Cart and switching to HTTPS

If you would like to activate the Ecommerce Templates Shopping Cart on your website and/or make the switch across to HTTPS, then this can be done for a modest one-time fee.

Simply contact Gary Flack at I.T. ZAP Website Design Works


All feedback appreciated.

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