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Mobile Friendly Web Design Package for Business or Club
The I.T. ZAP Mobile Friendly Web Design Package is the best starting point for any business or club launching a new website. It is a turn-key “everything done for you” website package d...
Ecommerce Templates Website Makeover Package
For those who have already purchased and installed the Ecommerce Templates PHP Plus content management system, I.T. ZAP Website Design Works offer a complete mobile friendly website “Makeover...
Domain Name Registration and Renewal 2 Year
A Domain Name Registration and Renewal service is provided by I.T. ZAP Website Design Works at a minimal price. The technical configuration of your website DNS Domain Name Server settings is all ta...
Web Hosting for Australian Small Business 1 Year
State of the art cPanel Website Hosting on a Litespeed Server located in Traralgon, Gippsland, Victoria means significantly faster website upload and download speeds for all your Australian custome...
Free SSL Security Certificate, 256-bit data encryption, TLS 1.2
Every website hosted by I.T. ZAP Website Design Works now includes a free SSL Security Certificate with 256-bit data encryption, SHA-256 signature hash algorithm, TLS 1.2 and HTTP/1.1 security prot...
SpamExperts : Your Ultimate Junk and Phishing Email Filtering Solution
Imagine your Email Inbox FREE of nuisance Spam and Fake Phishing Messages containing dangerous file attachments or links to malicious websites that expose your computer systems to Ransomware, Malwa...
Website Update Services
For those who simply do not have the time or inclination, I.T. ZAP offer a website update service as well as photo editing, video mastering and desktop publishing services, all at a modest hourly r...
Search Engine Optimization Tips to help improve your website ranking
Here are some SEO Search Engine Optimization tips to help improve your website ranking in the major search engines Google and Bing.
Keyboard Shortcuts to remember
Remember and use just a few essential keyboard shortcuts to save time and eliminate typing mistakes. Begin with CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste.
Making YOU the Webmaster in less than 30 minutes
Watch these IT ZAP Making YOU the Webmaster videos and in less than 30 minutes you will be “sitting in the drivers seat” adding new pages to your website using the Ecommerce Templates c...
Add a MagicSlideshow photo presentation to your webpage
A picture is worth a thousand words. And that is most certainly true on the internet. Giving your webpage visitors a really good look at what is being offered for sale, or the topic of an article, ...
Apply Headings and CSS Text Styles to your webpage using CK Editor
Watch how to apply Headings and custom CSS Text Styles to your webpage using the Ecommerce Templates content management system and CK Editor.
Insert a photo into the body of your webpage
This Webmaster Video demonstrates how you can insert an image directly into the body of a webpage and then, if desired, align your photo to the centre of the page.
Embed a YouTube video into your webpage and make it responsive
This Webmaster Video demonstrates how to embed a YouTube video iframe into your webpage. Then apply a ZURB Foundation mobile friendly responsive CSS style to make the video automatically resize to ...
How to promote your website pages on Facebook … the right way
Facebook posts can be very effective in generating interest, convincing more people to visit your website regularly and building a large list of followers. And your IT ZAP website is optimized to h...
FileZilla free FTP website file transfer software
FileZilla is free FTP file transfer software that can be used to upload files to your website server. While your website Content Management System software can be used to upload photographs, FileZi...
Microsoft Outlook SSL secured POP3 email account settings
Clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works can follow this guide updated Thursday 2nd November 2017 to setup their Microsoft Outlook Email Accounts using SSL/TLS secure and encrypted settings.
iPhone and iPad SSL secured POP3 email account settings
To send and receive SSL secured email messages on your iPhone or iPad, IT ZAP clients can follow this step-by-step guide updated 6th November 2017. Settings for other mobile devices will be similar...
SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel: All you need to know
The SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel is extremely simple. There are really only a few menu categories that you may look at. This explains everything you need to know.
Blacklist and Whitelist Email Addresses using SpamAssassin
Receiving loads of junk emails? Learn how to easily Blacklist Spammers and Whitelist Trusted email addresses using SpamAssassin in your cPanel Server Administration Panel.
Anti-Spam SPF Sender Policy Framework Email Authentication
To prevent Email Sender Address Forgery Spamming, SPF Sender Policy Framework TXT text records have been added to Domain Name Server DNS settings for all clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works.
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