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13th June 2019

Imagine your Email Inbox FREE of nuisance Spam and Fake Phishing Messages containing dangerous file attachments or links to malicious websites that expose your computer systems to Ransomware, Malware or Viruses. “SpamExperts” detects and quarantines all that Junk with 99% accuracy.

Spam email has now grown beyond all reasonable limits that any business can be expected to tolerate. The sheer volume of unwelcome mail clogging your Inbox is not just annoying, but costs valuable time spent sifting through junk, looking for valid messages important to your core business.

However, fake Phishing email messages are outright dangerous ! Just one ill-advised click will place your business at risk of a sudden Ransomware attack, resulting in the loss of all your irreplaceable records.

Spammers know all the tricks

Their usual approach is to register a cheap domain name and start sending out thousands of scam messages. When that domain name is Blacklisted, simply register another and continue as usual. Or use gmail, outlook and hotmail email addresses, and change those regularly.

Standard email filtering systems, like SpamAssassin, do check for Blacklisted domain names and authentic SPF Sender Policy Framework records. They also enable you to enter particular domain names or email addresses into a Blacklist and setup Global Email Filters containing certain phrases.

  • Blacklisting domain names and individual email addresses is merely a short term solution that also requires constant updates.

How the “SpamExperts” Incoming Email Filtering Service works

  • SpamExpertsis your front-line defence, preventing unwelcome and malicious messages from ever arriving in your Inbox.
  • Just ONE SpamExperts account is required per website domain name. The system filters all messages sent to every particular email address you have active for spam, viruses, phishing and other email related attacks with 99% accuracy.
  • The unique and intelligent self-learning filtering mechanism requires no configuration. The advanced “spam-pattern detection” system is continually updated using accumulated intelligence gathered from clients worldwide and shared real-time. This ensures that you always get instant protection against new threats and new spammer techniques.
  • All junk messages are placed into quarantine, before they ever reach your Inbox and computer network. You receive daily reports listing all quarantined emails, which give you the option to view and release any valid messages.
  • SpamExperts learns your preferences based upon what you do mark as Spam, or “Release and Whitelist” as Not Spam. There is nothing else for you to manage or maintain manually.
  • It is possible to create a unique SpamExperts Login for one email address, or each particular email address. That way, each email recipient can manage their own mail filtering settings and receive reports related to their address only.
  • Initial technical mail routing configuration done for you. Ongoing support available upon request.
  • Thoroughly tested and highly recommended by I.T.ZAP Website Design Works as the ultimate junk email filtering solution available. No more wasted time in dealing with spam. Now you can just focus upon responding to genuine business related messages.

Why choose SpamExperts ?

SpamExperts Administration Panel

SpamExperts Administration Panel. There are really only a few menu selections you might look at.

Optional : SpamExperts Outgoing Email Filtering Service

Do you actually know whether your network has ever been used to send out Spam emails? The SpamExperts Outgoing Email Filter will block Spam and Viruses from unknowingly leaving your network. This protects your business reputation and prevents your domain from ever being blacklisted.

SpamExperts systems will detect compromised accounts and lock-down spamming users. Any business with numerous employees and email accounts will recognise the Outgoing Email Filtering Service as an essential precaution.

Optional : SpamExperts Email Archive Service

Email is so important nowadays. Are you desperately looking for an important email from last year, but can’t seem to find it? Are you at risk of losing an important business deal because you lost their message, or your response?

The SpamExperts Email Archiving Service provides 10 Gigabytes of compressed email storage. That is lots more space than your website hosting provides, good for dozens of email accounts containing messages going back years. And you can order even more space as required.

The archive preserves and protects all your Inbound and Outbound email messages for future access. It is a great way to recover lost or accidentally deleted emails. Having an email archive system in place will give you extra confidence and peace of mind knowing that everything is securely stored and easily retrieved whenever you need it.


The price for each service is for 1 Year. Technical email routing configuration is included, together with ongoing support, should you ever need it. I.T.ZAP Website Design Works is not registered for and does not charge GST.

Service Options, 1 Year Covers all email accounts on a single domain.
Incoming Email Filter
Incoming and Outgoing Filters (+AUD$ 60.00)
Incoming, Outgoing and Email Archive (+AUD$ 120.00)
AUD$ 80.00
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Now my front-line defence against Ransomware

- 26th July 2017

Over 60% of messages sent to my email address is uninvited Spam. And an ever increasing number of those are dangerous Phishing Emails linking to malicious websites ... the major threat to us all.

To combat this and reduce risk of losing files critical to my business, I implemented various mail filters at both server level (for my customers also) and on my local computer systems here. Success was partial, but never really complete.

When SpamExperts became available, I read their lofty claims and various user reviews. So I had to proceed and test their systems for myself. And to do that, I deactivated ALL the email filters on my server and just let SpamExperts "do it's thing" for 2 months.

99% spam filtering accuracy; is that claim actually true? I can now positively say YES indeed ! All that slipped through was "day old bread" spam; messages originating from new domains registered yesterday. But just submit those messages using their "Spam Reporting Tool" and they would never be seen again. There were only a handful of valid messages quarantined that I had to "Release and Whitelist". But even those did in fact fail the SPF Sender Policy Framework test.

SpamExperts is remarkably intelligent, completely automated and extremely effective. The Administration Panel is simple, nothing to configure, and it is a delight to receive those brief reports listing all the garbage automatically sent exactly where it belongs; into quarantine. I wish it was cheaper, or even free. But compared to losing all your files to a Ransomware attack, hell ... it is well worth the annual fee.

I have no hesitation in highly recommending the SpamExperts Email Filtering Service to you with a "5 Star" stamp of approval.

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