Is your business or community club looking for the best self managed, fast load, mobile friendly, search engine optimized website to advertise products, services or events online? IT ZAP Website Design Works in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland provide your best solution.

Gary Flack, IT ZAP Website Design Works, Bairnsdale, East Gippsland

My name is Gary Flack and I specialise in the “Ecommerce Templates” content management system integrated with “ZURB Foundation”, the most advanced responsive framework in the world.

Here my focus is to design websites that work great on mobile iPhone and iPad touchscreen devices, what the majority of people are now using to browse the internet. If you cannot easily navigate around a website with a finger tap, then it is just no good today.

Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software

Why do I recommend “Ecommerce Templates” ?

  • It loads faster than any other content management system.
  • It can be configured to promote products, services, events and articles.
  • It is easy to use and understand.
  • And it contains stacks of advanced features right out of the box. No need to install add-ons. We just activate features like the shopping cart and SSL secured online payment gateways anytime you like !

Here there are no page limits and no monthly fees. The Mobile Friendy Web Design Package is a one-time buy and then you own your website outright.

ZURB Foundation responsive framework

Have you ever wondered why some websites take so long to load ?

IT ZAP will not dish up an “old school” site that needs to load more than a dozen seperate CSS style sheets and another bunch of javascript files. With modern “ZURB Foundation”, “SASS” and “Gulp” build systems, files are combined and compressed to the minimum size. Put that together with “Ecommerce Templates” software, then you get a website that absolutely thrashes WordPress and numerous other systems for pageload speed, such an important factor today.

Litespeed Web Server and cPanel Hosting

Here providing you with a fast Australian web hosting service and implementing best practice code methods to actually achieve optimimum server performance is a high order priority. I help make sure your email account settings are secure and develop solutions to issues like nuisance Spam email.

Your only ongoing costs are an annual web hosting fee with domain name renewal due every 2 years.

Computer guy updating website

Here the web design phase is just the beginning, not the end !

Being able to update your website regularly is very important. IT ZAP help you learn how with “Making YOU The Webmasterarticles and video demonstrations. In less than 30 minutes, you will be editing existing web pages, uploading photographs and adding new pages as you like. I offer suggestions to help you improve your ranking in search engine results, engage with people using social media platforms and attract more potential customers.

Google, Bing and Statcounter Webmaster Tools

Here you get Google, Bing and StatCounter Webmaster Tools accounts so you can regularly view an extensive analysis of search engine impressions, page positions, clicks and visits to your website.

IT ZAP will not forget to design and upload a browser favicon and various sizes of Apple and Android mobile device bookmark icons.

And if you ever get into trouble, help and technical support is only ever one telephone call or email message away.


Your complete online advertising solution …

Mobile Friendly Web Design Package for Business or Club
$ 875.00
Ecommerce Templates Website Makeover Package
$ 450.00
Magic Slideshow Photo Presentation Website Software
Domain Name Registration and Renewal 2 Year
$ 50.00
Web Hosting for Australian Small Business 1 Year
$ 180.00
RapidSSL Security Certificate with 256-bit Data Encryption
$ 150.00
SAVE $ 25.00
$ 125.00
Making YOU the Webmaster in less than 30 minutes
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