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18th November 2016

Are you fed up with all those SEO Spam Emails? Well here is your solution. This Global Email Filter will automatically scan and detect nuisance Search Engine Optimization messages and put them straight into the Junk folder.

The number of Junk messages filling your Inbox has now grown beyond all reasonable limits that any business can be expected to tolerate. It has therefore become necessary to develop some effective countermeasure to combat the activities of these relentless spammers, from one country in particular.

How the SEO Spam Swatter works

Requires :

  1. cPanel Web Hosting.
  2. Administration Panel Login URL, Username and Password.
  3. Global Email Filters feature.

SEO Spam Swatter Global Email Filter

Questions and Answers

Has the SEO Spam Swatter been tested ?

  • Yes, and it has passed with flying colors. It catches all that crap sent from, and addresses as well.
  • This is a Global Email Filter, meaning it applies to every email address in your domain.

How do I see what messages have been detected as SEO Spam ?

  • SEO Spam filtered messages will not be delivered to your Inbox.
  • To see what messages have been filtered as Spam, you need to Login to Webmail using any browser.
  • I will provide details explaining which email account to look at, and then you just open the “Junk” folder there. It is a good idea to clean out all Spam messages in that folder occasionally, just to free up space.
  • The other method is to Login to cPanel and use the "Track Delivery" feature.

Search Engine Optimization emails in Junk folder, where they belong !

Could this Spam Filter possibly detect other valid email messages ? If so, what can be done to prevent that happening in future ?

  • Yes, it is possible, if a message happened to contain a phrase string entered in the Spam Filter. To prevent that happening again, you could ...
    (1) Whitelist that sender's domain name, or perhaps just that one email address, or
    (2) Edit the phrases contained in the Spam Filter.

Will you provide me with a complete list of phrase strings contained in the SEO Spam Swatter ?

  • Yes. And you can modify, delete or add more phrases down the track as you like.

Can the SEO Spam Swatter be set to Delete messages outright ?

  • Yes. But you should be very confident that it is not filtering any valid messages. I would not recommend you do that.
The superior Junk and Phishing Email Filtering Solution is SpamExperts, available to order now.

Will you set this up for me ?

Yes. For clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works this has already been done FREE.

For others interested, I am happy to do the setup for a modest fee to cover the time involved. Simply enter your domain name below, Add to Cart, Checkout and I will be in touch with you.


All feedback appreciated.

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