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Beware of suspicious email from
Emails with a highly suspicious Report.xls Excel file attached are being sent out by, a domain name registered in Moscow, Russia on 20 November 2016. This message is definitely ...
India SEO Scammers Exposed pretending to be based in Australia
The recent avalanche of Search Engine Optimization emails claiming your website contains “meta-data related mistakes” purport to be from Australia. BUT NO. Investigation exposes their o...
Warning about DomainRegister letter that looks like an Invoice
Have you just received a letter from “DomainRegister Pty Ltd” that looks very much like an Invoice asking for payment to register a domain name? Well, do read the fine print very carefu...
About Gary Flack and IT ZAP Website Design Works
Gary Flack has always had a passion for computers. Various acquaintances continually asked “can you build a website for my business ?”. And so IT ZAP Website Design Works was formed on ...
Magic Slideshow Photo Presentation Website Software
Included with every IT ZAP website package, Magic Slideshow generates impressive photo presentations that are compatible with all web browsers and mobile touchscreen devices.
Contact IT ZAP Website Design Works in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland
IT ZAP Website Design Works in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland can deliver your fully featured online advertising system with ongoing technical support to effectively promote products, services, events ...
Pay your IT ZAP Invoice Online
If desired, you can pay your IT ZAP Invoice online using the secure PayPal credit card payment processing gateway.
Wallpaper for Computer Screen Slideshow, Single and Dual Monitor
This collection of computer screen wallpaper photos were taken in and around Bairnsdale, the Mitchell River, Gippsland Lakes, Eagle Point, Lindenow, Great Alpine Road and Ensay in East Gippsland, V...
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