Fake Telstra Bill Phishing Email, do not click the View Bill link!

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31st July 2017

Beware of fake Telstra Bill phishing email messages now circulating. DO NOT click the dangerous "View Bill" link. This points to a malicious website that will expose your computer systems to Ransomware, Malware or Viruses.

The message I received today was sent from "telestrasystems.com", an obviously bogus domain name containing a spelling mistake. The domain was just registered yesterday Sunday, 30th July 2017 in China.

Bogus domain name telestrasytems.com registered in China on 30 July 2017

The Registrant Name and Address details are most likely phony as well.

telestrasystems.com Phishing Mail Server IP Address

Once again they used a mail server located in Paris, France.

This Scam bears identical fingerprints to all the other ATO, ASIC, Traffic Infringement, Origin Energy, Reckon and MYOB phishing emails circulated by these CyberCriminals in previous months.

Report fake Telstra Bill phishing email to SpamExports

My SpamExperts email filter allowed this particular message to pass through today, since it was "Day Old Bread", from a domain just registered yesterday with subject material not identified as Spam before.

Well, I have reported the message as Spam now and expect the origin domain name "telestrasystems.com" will be duly Blacklisted shortly.

What the GENUINE Telstra Bill email message looks like

GENUINE Telstra Bill email message

  1. From the genuine domain mail server "online.telstra.com"
  2. Telstra Bill attached to the message in PDF file format.
  3. Body of the message is personalised with your actual name.

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