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27th March 2013

FileZilla is free FTP file transfer software that can be used to upload files to your website server.

While your website Content Management System software can be used to upload photographs to your web server, FileZilla becomes very handy for uploading various other types of files, such as :

  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml files for access by Search Engine web crawler robots.
  • CSS website style sheets.
  • pdf documents, catalogues, brochures and price list files you make available for download by website visitors.
  • Web server application software.

Download FileZilla FREE

Visit the Filezilla website to download the FTP software :

Here you will also find detailed documentation explaining how to install, configure and use FileZilla.

Connecting to your website server using FileZilla

Configuring FileZilla to connect to your website server is quite simple. ITZAP clients can refer to their "Confidential VIP Website Information.xlsx" Excel sheet for their FTP server log-in details.

Browse through the Site Manager screenshots above to view sample FTP settings.

Technical Support

ITZAP clients can contact me should they require assistance.


All feedback appreciated.

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