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03rd May 2017

Watch out for fake MYOB Invoice email messages being sent from the bogus domain names “myob-australia.com”, “myobaustralia.org”, “myobnetwork.com” and “financialaccountant.info”.

It is another SCAM containing a link to a website that contains malicious software.

No law enforcement authorities are pursuing these scammers. Thus the reason why cybercriminal activities like this continue unimpeded.

Received Monday, 10th April 2017

Fake Invoice email message from myob-australia.com

The “myob” logo appears in the footer in an attempt to deliberately deceive recipients into believing the message was generated from their Online Accounting Software. But the bogus domain name reveals the message as a certain fake.

The " View Invoice > " link (which you should certainly not click) connects to a compromised Microsoft SharePoint website, which downloads malicious software. This software sets itself to run automatically as soon as Windows launches, and attempts to steal sensitive information from web browsers.

Who owns the domain name “myob-australia.com” ?

Mong Lwan of Xiamen, China registered this domain name yesterday, on the 9th April 2017, although that name is also most likely bogus.

Bogus domain name myob-australia.com registered in China

The message originated from a mail server located in France.

myob-australia.com mail server located in France

Update Wednesday, 19th April 2017

The bogus domain name “myob-australia.com” has been Blacklisted by Spamhaus.org

Today I received yet another fake “MYOB Invoice” email, this time from another domain name they registered on 16 April 2017, “myobaustralia.org

Update Wednesday, 3rd May 2017

Yet another domain name “myobnetwork.com” registered on 2nd May 2017 is being used to send out these fake MYOB invoice messages.

Update Tuesday, 20th June 2017

The latest domain name registered on 18th June 2017 to continue this scam is “financialaccountant.info

Fake MYOB Invoice Email Scam sample message


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