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28th June 2018
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For the Ecommerce Templates PHP shopping cart software, download this modified emailfriend.php file which adds some simple improvements to the popular “Ask a Question” feature.

Suitable for Ecommerce Plus PHP v6.8.0 released July 2017 through to v6.9.2 released May 2018, the modifications introduce these improvements:

  1. The email message title will read “A question from Visitor Name about Product-ID
  2. In the email message body, prints “A question about: Product-ID - Webpage Title” and “Received from: Visitor Name, email address”.
    This is just in case the visitor deletes that information from the comments field when entering their question.
  3. Line breaks are now printed in the email message body.
  • If you are running Version 6.9.3 or later, then you should not download this modification.

  free, no charge, gratis  

Click to download the WinZip file

The WinZip file contains the modified “emailfriend.php” file.

You will need these entries in your includes.php config file:

$xxAsqSub='A question';
$xxAskCom='About: ';



All feedback appreciated.

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