Boatshed Holiday Apartment, Soldiers Point

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24th April 2015
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The Boatshed Holiday Apartment asked IT ZAP to develop a website where potential customers could take a tour through the modern facilities, see the stunning waterfront views, make a booking online and find local holiday attractions.

Website features

  • Bulletproof "mobile first" responsive design built using ZURB Foundation 5, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
  • Ecommerce Templates self-managed content management system. Unlimited menu categories and website pages.
  • Holiday apartment tour with separate pages to showcase individual rooms, furniture and modern appliances throughout the self-contained apartment.
  • Guest login and online booking system for dates desired. Tariff adjustment according to season. Submit reservation request by email.
  • Popular holiday attractions, things to do, local sightseeing and dining information.
  • Search engine optimization strategy to target holiday accommodation in NSW, Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Shoal Bay, Soldiers Point geographic region.
  • Magic Slideshow presentations and YouTube videos.
  • Google Maps location link.
  • StatCounter website visit reports.

All feedback appreciated.

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