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At I.T.ZAP Website Design Works mobile friendly website design is just the beginning! These "Making YOU the Webmaster" pages assist clients in learning how to update their website content, add more pages and manage email accounts. The Ecommerce Templates software tips and enhancements were developed here at I.T.ZAP.

If you ever get into trouble or have a question, help and technical support is only one telephone call or email message away.

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Search Engine Optimization Tips to help improve your website ranking
Here are some SEO Search Engine Optimization tips to help improve your website ranking in the major search engines Google and Bing.
Keyboard Shortcuts to remember
Remember and use just a few essential keyboard shortcuts to save time and eliminate typing mistakes. Begin with CTRL+C to Copy and CTRL+V to Paste.
Making YOU the Webmaster in less than 30 minutes
Watch these I.T.ZAP Making YOU the Webmaster videos and in less than 30 minutes you will be “sitting in the drivers seat” adding new pages to your website using the Ecommerce Templates ...
Add a MagicSlideshow photo presentation to your webpage
A picture is worth a thousand words. And that is most certainly true on the internet. Giving your webpage visitors a really good look at what is being offered for sale, or the topic of an article, ...
Apply Headings and CSS Text Styles to your webpage using CK Editor
Watch how to apply Headings and custom CSS Text Styles to your webpage using the Ecommerce Templates content management system and CK Editor.
How to insert a photo into the body of your webpage
This Webmaster Video demonstrates how you can insert an image directly into the body of a webpage and then, if desired, align your photo to the centre of the page.
Embed a YouTube video into your webpage and make it responsive
This Webmaster Video demonstrates how to embed a YouTube video iframe into your webpage. Then apply a ZURB Foundation mobile friendly responsive CSS style to make the video automatically resize to ...
How to promote your website pages on Facebook … the right way
Facebook posts can be very effective in generating interest, convincing more people to visit your website regularly and building a large list of followers. And your IT ZAP website is optimized to h...
FileZilla free FTP website file transfer software
FileZilla is free FTP file transfer software that can be used to upload files to your website server. While your website Content Management System software can be used to upload photographs, FileZi...
SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel: All you need to know
The SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel is extremely simple. There are really only a few menu categories that you may look at. This explains everything you need to know.
Anti Spam SPF Sender Policy Framework Email Authentication
To prevent Email Sender Address Forgery Spamming, SPF Sender Policy Framework TXT text records have been added to Domain Name Server DNS settings for all clients of I.T.ZAP Website Design Works.
Ecommerce Templates Dynamic PHP Page title, meta description and meta og:tag code
For users of the fantastic Ecommerce Templates PHP shopping cart software, here is a FREE download file containing HTML and PHP code snippets to generate dynamic <title>, <meta description...
Ecommerce Templates Admin Panel custom CSS stylesheet
AUD$ 7.00
Here is a custom Ecommerce Templates Administration Panel CSS stylesheet. Table margins are tighter, Invoice and Packing Slip page layouts more compact, together with button hover effects, active f...
Ecommerce Templates Thanks Receipt CSS and Email Templates
AUD$ 13.00
Add the I.T.ZAP thanks-receipt.css stylesheet and Email Header Footer HTML code to your Ecommerce Templates Order Confirmation thanks.php/asp web page to instantly achieve an attractive and profess...
How to configure Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software for Articles
The Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software Version 7.2.1 released 30th March 2020 introduced a method to enter Articles into the content management system, together with appropriate Rich Snippe...