Email and Internet Scam Alerts

Beware of these Email and Internet Scams. Phishing emails from bogus domain names contain links to suspicious websites that likely contain dangerous Malware, Viruses or Ransomware. Find out who is behind the fraud. Each scam has been traced back to the origin IP and the alleged domain owner.

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Fake EnergyAustralia Electricity Bill Email from australianenergysolutions
Watch out for fake EnergyAustralia Electricity Bill phishing emails now being sent from They message contains a link to a dangerous website that undoubtedly contains ...
Fake Telstra Bill Phishing Email, do not click the View Bill link!
Beware of fake Telstra Bill phishing email messages now circulating. DO NOT click the dangerous "View Bill" link. This points to a malicious website that will expose your computer systems...
Fake Origin Energy Electricity Bill Phishing Emails
"Here's your latest bill from Origin showing what you've used and how much to pay." Yeh right ! It is just another fake phishing email, this time sent from the phony domain "...
Fake MYOB Invoice Phishing Emails
Watch out for fake MYOB Invoice email messages being sent from the bogus domain names "", "", "" and "financiala...
Fake ASIC Business Name Renewal Phishing Emails
Beware of a FAKE email requesting Renewal of your Business Name with ASIC, complete with Australian Securities and Investment Commission logo. It is a SCAM containing a link to a dangerous website ...
ATO Ransomware Phishing Emails
Beware of this fake email allegedly from the Australian Taxation Office being sent by the phishing domain name The Word doc file attached is undoubtedly Ransomware.
Beware of suspicious email from reckonaustralia
Emails with a highly suspicious Report.xls Excel file attached are being sent out by, a domain name registered in Moscow, Russia on 20 November 2016. This message is definitely ...
India SEO Scammers Exposed pretending to be based in Australia
The recent avalanche of Search Engine Optimization emails claiming your website contains “meta-data related mistakes” purport to be from Australia. BUT NO. Investigation exposes their o...
Warning about DomainRegister letter that looks like an Invoice
Have you just received a letter from “DomainRegister Pty Ltd” that looks very much like an Invoice asking for payment to register a domain name? Well, do read the fine print very carefu...