10th July 2024
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Mobile Friendly Web Design Package for Business or Club

The I.T.ZAP Mobile Friendly Web Design Package is the best starting point for any business or club launching a new website. It is a turn-key “everything done for you” website package deal full of advanced features.

If you have limited knowledge or no time to spend writing complex HTML and CSS code, well this will be your perfect solution !

Let I.T.ZAP Website Design Works take care of all the advanced installation, configuration and coding. All that you need to do is gather all your detailed webpage content and images, ready for entry.

Sound good ? Then read more …

What's included in the website package price ?

  1. One Year Website Hosting on I.T.ZAP Litespeed Server located in Brisbane, Queensland.
    If you already have a Domain Name registered, then we will need to transfer that across into the I.T.ZAP hosting system.
  2. FREE SSL Security Certificate.
  3. Sitewide https:// secured and encryped website pages.
  4. Adobe Dreamweaver Website Template Design with unique appearance to your satisfaction. Modifications will be made FREE for 30 days following launch.
  5. Ecommerce Templates Content Management System software licence, installation and free updates for 6 months.
    • Search Engine Friendly page URL's.
    • Dynamic category menu.
    • A complete set of PHP pages with Dynamic Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, Open Graph OG meta tags and Structured Data Rich Snippets.
    • CK Editor webpage text editor configured with custom styles to match your website colour scheme. Includes I.T.ZAP exclusive styles for fancy bulleted lists, responsive YouTube Videos and Google Maps that resize according to screen width.
    • Automated Email Message Templates formatted in HTML format.
    • Set of HTTP Error pages.
  6. Foundation mobile friendly responsive framework.
  7. mmenu responsive pop-out mobile friendly vertical accordion menu under I.T.ZAP commercial distributor license.
  8. Magic Slideshow photo presentation software under I.T.ZAP commercial distributor license.
  9. Font Awesome Icon Set, outstanding for easy mobile touchscreen navigation.
  10. Google Webmaster Tools, Bing and StatCounter website visitor analysis reports, as you require.
  11. First 10 Pages and menu categories entered for you. (You must supply detailed descriptions and photos.)
  12. Appearance and content modifications requested will be made FREE for 30 days following launch.
  13. Making YOU The Webmaster” video demonstrations and articles available to view on this website.
  14. Technical Support. Got a question? Please ask. If you ever get into trouble, I help get you out.
Ecommerce Templates content management system

Best content management system

Ecommerce Templates is packed full of advanced features with Search Engine Optimization code built-in right out of the box. No need to go find and install any add-ons. This is your hamburger with the lot.

As an accredited specialist with years of experience, I.T.ZAP can easily configure the content management system for your purpose; whether you be a business or community club.

Post articles, promote services and events and sell products online. The Shopping Cart and Customer Login features can be activated anytime you like.

Pages load FAST. Much better than WordPress.

Foundation responsive framework

The most advanced mobile friendly responsive framework in the world

I.T.ZAP build all websites using Foundation, the best and most bulletproof front-end responsive framework that there is. Yes, Bootstrap is similar. But Foundation leads the way.

Any website that does not pass the “Google Mobile Friendly Test” will now rank lower in Mobile Search Results.

I.T.ZAP have you covered on that front.

Own your website content management system outright

No limits, no monthly fees, own outright

Here there are no limits upon the number of pages or menu categories you can create to publish articles and advertise products, services and events. Choose to display prices (or not), upload photos, feature your most important pages on the Home page, advertise specials and post helpful articles.

Pay once for the website design package and software license, own the content management system and then proceed to add more pages to your website over time.

Compare this to other website deals where there is a subscription fee to pay every month, forever.

CK Editor webpage text and styling

CK Editor webpage text entry and styling made easy

With a toolbar layout near identical to popular Word processors, CK Editor makes formatting your webpage content extremely simple and quick.

The custom Heading and Text formatting styles that IT ZAP add to your CK Editor drop-down menus will match the colour scheme of your website. What you see in the CK Editor window is what you will get on the published website page.

Insert photographs, embed YouTube Videos and display Google Maps that resize according to screen size. Yes, IT ZAP have made it easy for you to do all that.

mmenu mobile accordian menu

mmenu mobile accordion menu

Compatible with all desktop and mobile devices, mmenu adds a true native app menu experience to your website.

Included under commercial distributor license, IT ZAP have seamlessly integrated mmenu into the Ecommerce Templates dynamic category menu creation system.

The pop-out hamburger menu loads fast, looks great and scrolls with a finger swipe on small screens. mmenu with accordian sub-menus can gracefully handle even the most complex menu structure.

MagicSlideshow photo presentation software

Magic Slideshow software

A picture is worth a thousand words. And that is most certainly true on the internet.

MagicSlideshow makes creating an attractive and professional presentation of photographs on your website pages extremely easy.

Compatible with all desktop computers, mobile touchscreen devices and web browsers; no exceptions.

Search Engine Optimization a top priority

Search Engine Optimization a top priority

Search engine friendly HTML code is automatically generated from the details you enter.

Page <title> tag and main <h1> heading. Short <meta name="Description"> that appears in search result pages. Structured Data Rich Snippets for Product and Article page details, Customer Reviews and Visitor Comments. Open Graph og: meta tags for Social Media integration. <alt> alternative text to describe every image for search engines.

It is all there to maximise your page rank in search results.

Web Hosting for Australian Small Business

Fast Australia Website Hosting

I.T.ZAP provide cPanel Hosting on a state of the art Litespeed Web Server located in Brisbane, Queensland. This means significantly faster website upload and download speeds for all of your Australian customers.

Do not be duped into a cheap, oversubscribed website hosting deal with server located overseas half way around the world. Slow server response speeds will cause people to abandon their visit and also have a negative impact upon your website ranking.

Honestly, shared web hosting does not get any better than this.

Web Hosting for Australian Small Business

Webmaster Tools and Visit Reports

Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and StatCounter will provide as you require, with an extensive analysis of visits and page views on your website.

I.T.ZAP set up all these accounts for you and submit a “sitemap.xml” file for indexing by search engines.

Receive email visit reports from StatCounter either weekly or monthly.

Favicon for web browser bookmark

Important details not forgotten

Browser favicon and also various sizes of Apple and Android mobile device bookmark icons.

.htaccess” file created to activate secure https://, www and index.php redirects, cache control and Gzip compression to achieve faster pageload speed. “robots.txt” file for search engine bots.

Custom HTTP Error Pages created using your website template so you never lose a visitor. (Page not found, authorization required, access denied, etc.)

Website Login Information

Login Details and Software Updates

You will be provided with a Confidential Website Login Details Excel sheet containing all your critical Login URL addresses, Usernames and Passwords.

The package price also includes 6 months of free software updates installed for you whenever they become available.

Website all setup ready to go

All setup ready to go !

Keys to your new website will be handed over with menu and the first 10 pages entered for you, ready to launch live and develop further into the future.

You do not need to worry about any of the advanced server setup, CMS software installation, technical configuration, HTML or CSS page coding.

Your website will be a unique design with appearance to meet your satisfaction. Appearance and content modifications will be made FREE for 30 days following launch.

Help and Technical Support

Help and Technical Support

Is this all new to you ? Worried about getting into trouble ? What if you need some help or would like to ask a question ?

Here the web design and build phase is just the beginning, not the end.

Check out the Support section here to find numerous “Making YOU the Webmaster” articles and video demonstrations.

I.T.ZAP Website Design Works is only one telephone call or email message away.

Ongoing costs
  1. Domain name renewal fee every 2 years.
  2. Website hosting annual fee.
  3. Ecommerce Templates Software Updater License Extension when recommended or desired.

That is all.

Preparing for your new website

The first 10 pages will be entered for you, including Home, About, Ordering, Warranty, Contact, Products and Articles ready for you to add more and develop the website further.

  • You will need to provide all the details that you would like to appear on each of those pages. Please also gather original photographs and logo images, the more the better.

I.T.ZAP can add more pages for you upon request. A modest fee applies for Website Update Services.


Allow 3 weeks for template design, website configuration and initial 10 page entry.

The package price is in Australian AUD$ currency. I.T.ZAP is not registered for and does not charge GST.

AUD$ 1,075.00
All feedback appreciated.
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