Managing your Email Accounts

Here are guides to help you setup email addresses on your website server, configure your email software and mobile devices to both send and receive messages, and some steps you can take to combat unwelcome Spam email.

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Microsoft Outlook SSL secured POP3 email account settings
Clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works can follow this guide updated Thursday 2nd November 2017 to setup their Microsoft Outlook Email Accounts using SSL/TLS secure and encrypted settings.
iPhone and iPad SSL secured POP3 email account settings
To send and receive SSL secured email messages on your iPhone or iPad, IT ZAP clients can follow this step-by-step guide updated 6th November 2017. Settings for other mobile devices will be similar...
Apple Mac Computer SSL secured POP3 email account settings
Clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works can follow this guide to setup their email accounts on an Apple Mac computer using SSL secured and encrypted settings.
Login to Webmail using any web browser
When away from the office you can still Login to Webmail and access your email messages using any web browser. This explains how.
SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel: All you need to know
The SpamExperts Incoming Email Administration Panel is extremely simple. There are really only a few menu categories that you may look at. This explains everything you need to know.
SEO Spam Swatter Global Email Filter
Are you fed up with SEO Spam Emails? Here is your solution. This Global Email Filter will detect nuisance Search Engine Optimization mail and put them in the Junk folder.
Blacklist and Whitelist Email Addresses using SpamAssassin
Receiving loads of junk emails? Learn how to easily Blacklist Spammers and Whitelist Trusted email addresses using SpamAssassin in your cPanel Server Administration Panel.
Anti-Spam SPF Sender Policy Framework Email Authentication
To prevent Email Sender Address Forgery Spamming, SPF Sender Policy Framework TXT text records have been added to Domain Name Server DNS settings for all clients of IT ZAP Website Design Works.