Keyboard Shortcuts to remember

30th October 2015
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Remember and use just a few essential keyboard shortcuts to save time and eliminate typing mistakes. Begin with CTRL + C to Copy and CTRL + V to Paste.

Ctrl + C

COPY everything that I just highlighted to the clipboard.

Ctrl + V

PASTE everything that I just copied.


REFRESH and update the content on this page.


RENAME this file.

Ctrl + Z

UNDO what I just did. I did not mean to do that !

Ctrl + Y

REDO the last thing that I just deleted.

Ctrl + A

Select ALL content in this active window.

Shift + End

Select all to the END of this line ⇒

Shift + Home

<= Select all to the START of this line.

Ctrl + Home

Move the cursor to the START of this document or page.

Ctrl + End

Move the cursor to the END of this document or page.

Ctrl + O

OPEN a file.

Ctrl + S

SAVE this file.

Ctrl + W

CLOSE this window.



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