For private sale by Gary Flack in Bairnsdale, Victoria

Various personal items currently being offered for private sale by Gary Flack in Bairnsdale, East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia.

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Panasonic Cordless Telephone Set for Sale, 4 Handsets and Answering Machine
SAVE $20.00
This Panasonic 5GHz Cordless Telephone Set includes the base answering machine and 4 handsets with LED Display, Caller ID, Phonebook and Charger Cradles. Purchased in 2006 and in perfect working co...
Rechargeable LED Flashlight Kit, 4 batteries, charger, holster, 200 metre range
A super powerful broad beam with an effective range out to 200 metres, 4 batteries for a 4 hour runtime, battery charger and flashlight holster. These features make this rechargeable twin battery 1...