Ecommerce Templates Website Makeover Package

$ 450.00
10th July 2017

For those who have already purchased and installed the “Ecommerce Templates PHP Plus” content management system, IT ZAP Website Design Works offer a complete mobile friendly website “Makeover” package coded using Adobe Dreamweaver and the ZURB Foundation responsive CSS framework.

If you are not so happy with your current website appearance, then this “Makeover” package provides a thoroughly tested, rock solid responsive website solution optimized especially for mobile touch screen devices, together with some IT ZAP Special Add-On features developed here.

This offer particularly suits those with limited PHP, HTML and CSS knowledge, or those who just don’t have the time to spare. You will never, ever need to worry about the code. I take care of all that for you and provide technical support down the track.

The package price is in Australian AUD$ currency.

What is included in the Website “Makeover” package

  1. Adobe Dreamweaver Template dwt file and full set of Ecommerce Templates website PHP files; (categories.php, manufacturers.php, products.php, proddetail.php, clientlogin.php, cart.php, etc, etc) all dynamic code, search engine optimized, uploaded, nothing for you to do, ready to go.
  2. Appearance and color scheme especially customised to suit your business, along the lines of this IT ZAP website which has Shopping Cart and SSL Payment Gateways enabled and also the Bairnsdale Camping & Outdoors website, which has Home page slider, responsive dynamic menu category navigation and over 1,000 products entered.
    14 DAYS free appearance and CSS modifications following launch.
  3. includes.php configuration done for you. You will not need to edit anything.
  4. Custom coded “incarticle.php file that permits you to add ARTICLES into any Menu Category, in exactly the same way as you enter a Product, but using the “Has Static URL” feature. Typically stuff like About Us, How to Order, Warranty & Returns, User Guides, Help Articles. These pages then appear in product.php page listings AND search.php results, AND can be featured on your Home page using the “Recommended” feature, AND (if desired) can have Customer Reviews, Comments, Questions added. Rich Snippets for “Article” pass the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.
  5. Custom coded “inclocalbusiness.php file that permits you to add your CONTACT US page into any Category using “Has Static URL” feature. A working example is my own Contact ITZAP webpage which includes rich snippets for a “Local Business” and also has Customer Reviews added. You can run that URL through the Google Structured Data Testing Tool to check the result. (I CODE A SIMILAR PAGE FOR YOU.)
  6. Custom coded “static-proddetail.php file prepared for you. With this, you can create a Static URL page in a snap ! Open file, save as whatever name, enter the PRODUCT ID where indicated, upload file and that’s it ... you are done !
  7. CK EDITOR CSS file that allows you to pick custom styles directly from the drop-down menus inside ECT Product Admin, Category Admin, Content Region Admin. Includes specialised CSS styles for responsive <iframe> YouTube videos and Google Maps. View the "Apply Headings and CSS Text Styles" Webmaster support page.
  8. ZURB Foundation Responsive Framework Installation.
  9. Magic Slideshow photo presentation software under IT ZAP commercial distributor license.
  10. Font Awesome Icon Set, outstanding for easy Mobile Touchscreen navigation.
  11. mmenu responsive mobile friendly vertical accordion menu under IT ZAP commercial distributor license.
  12. Facebook integration with dynamic Open Graph OG meta tag code automatically generated. “Like” and “Share” buttons across your website with latest Facebook “Posts” data feed embedded on your Home page.
  13. Favicon, Apple Touch and Android Touch Icons. What are they ? Find out here ⇒
  14. Making YOU the Webmaster” video demonstrations and articles available to view on this IT ZAP website.
  15. Ongoing technical support. I take care of my customers after website launch. Got a question? Please ask. If you ever get into trouble, I help get you out.

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