13th June 2024
Order Code ectadmincustom

Ecommerce Templates thanks receipt.css and ectadmincustom.css

Updated June 2024, this FREE add-on file download for the marvelous Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software contains CSS and HTML files that will instantly transform the appearance of your website Order Confirmation pages, Admin Panel Invoices, Packing Slips and Email Messages.

View the slideshow above to see webpage and print samples that will result after applying the modifications.

Download the WinZip file

Download “” FREE
Updated June 2024

The WinZip file contains these files:


Modifies your website Order Confirmation pages to an attractive and professional mobile friendly responsive appearance. This CSS file needs to load last on:

  1. thanks.php (or asp)
  2. clientlogin.php (or asp)
  3. orderstatus.php (or asp)
  4. latedownload.php (or asp, if you have the Digital Download plug-in enabled.)

<link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"> <link href="" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">


Alternative layout for Ecommerce Templates Administration Panel Version 7.6.5 stable and later. Contains several modifications. In particular, the appearance of Invoices and Packing Slips have been made more compact to fit more detail on a single page when printed.

  • If you already have a ectadmincustom.css file, then do make a Backup copy of that first.


Is a folder containing 6 raw HTML source code files you can adapt for your own business and enter into Ecommerce Templates STORE ADMIN ⇒ Email Messages. Your Invoice and Packing Slip print layouts will then match the screenshot samples you see in the slideshow above.

  • Explains in detail exactly what to do with each file included in the download.

All feedback is always much appreciated and will be most helpful to me. Is there something that did not work in your website layout, or elements you think could be improved? Please do post your Review, positive or negative, below.

6 Reviews - Average 5 / 5 (Show All)
Add the finishing touches to Ecommerce Templates
- 26th August 2020
I.T.ZAP has added that finishing touch to what is a very good ecommerce store program, but just lacking a tiny bit on the finished appearance. I.T.ZAP's CSS add-on will save you hours in figuring out what CSS affects what ... and really lets you take your invoices from OK, to awesome !
Also I should mention ... Gary who wrote this, is very responsive to questions and problems. I had a problem with images on my invoices not lining up, and Gary quickly sent me an email with all the fixes and answers to my question. He then went on to update his website and making several improvements based on my problems ... Super helpful and very easy to contact. Thanks for sharing this CSS with all of us for a very reasonable price.
Wonderful tweak
- 20th March 2018
What a wonderful tweak to make the latest Admin Panel Style amazingly improved. Simple and easy to install, with excellent instructions. Worth much more than $6.50
Great service, good communications
- 18th March 2018
Gary is the best. Very informative and our website with Thanks CSS look nice !! Thanks again for your help.
LOVE the New Look
- 23rd January 2018
I love the new look of the receipt on the Thanks page. So easy to view everything. It also fits on the screen of mobile devices without scrolling. The print format looks so much better also. It was VERY easy to install. I am very pleased. Great job Gary.
Patrick Reagan, Lebanon, Oregon, USA.
- 07th December 2017
I bought the custom style sheet for the ECT admin panel on 30 November 2017 and this has vastly improved the use of screen real estate. A doddle to install, less than a minute, and the CSS tweaks to the mouseovers make a great admin that bit greater. Wholly recommended :-)
Amazing upgrade
- 06th December 2017
As always ... Gary provides a great product and service. The admin css upgrade is so much better than the stock version. I changed a couple things and colors to match my website theme. Changes are easy to do. Highly recommend this product.

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