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The Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software is the fastest loading, fully featured, easy to use Ecommerce and Content Management System you will find. No page limits, no monthly fees and a one-time buy, you can promote products, services, events and articles online, with fully search engine optimized meta tags, structured data and social media Open Graph og meta code … all generated automatic.

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Mobile Friendly Web Design Package for Business or Club
The I.T.ZAP Mobile Friendly Web Design Package is the best starting point for any business or club launching a new website. It is a turn-key “everything done for you” website package de...
AUD$ 850.00
Ecommerce Templates Website Makeover Package
For those who already have the Ecommerce Templates content management system installed, I.T.ZAP offer a mobile friendly website Makeover package to update both the software and template design to t...
AUD$ 400.00
Ecommerce Templates Dynamic PHP Page title, meta description and meta og:tag code
For users of the Ecommerce Templates PHP shopping cart software, here is a FREE download file containing HTML and PHP code to dynamically generate website page title, meta description, meta og tags...
Ecommerce Templates thanks receipt and ectadmincustom.css
This FREE download for the Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software contains files that will transform the appearance of your Order Confirmation pages, Admin Panel Invoices, Packing Slips and Ema...
How to configure Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software for Articles
The Ecommerce Templates shopping cart software Version 7.2.1 released 30th March 2020 introduced a method to enter Articles into the content management system, together with appropriate Rich Snippe...