Warning about DomainRegister letter that looks like an Invoice

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13th November 2013

Have you just received a letter from “DomainRegister Pty Ltd” that looks very much like an Invoice asking for payment to register a domain name ? Well, do read the fine print very carefully !

Here are the important facts to note about that letter from DomainRegister Pty Ltd :

  1. The heading does say Domain Name Available
  2. The domain name mentioned will be something like yourbusinessname.com
  3. You will already own the website domain name yourbusinessname.com.au but not this “.com” variant.
  4. Their price for a 2 year domain name registation is a whopping $249.00 !
  5. There are 3 methods of payment listed at the bottom; Direct Deposit, Credit Card and Mail, giving the letter an appearance very much like an Invoice.
  6. There is some fine print that does explain what this letter is all about.
    This is an invitation to register, disregard this letter if you are not the proprietor or you do not wish to register.”
  7. If you call their Customer Service 1300 number, the answering machine will ask you to wait, then play music for 3 minutes, then you will be told that everybody is busy and please leave a message.
  8. DomainRegister Pty Ltd is a company based in Perth, WA. They find your website, search for variants of your business domain name that have not been registered, and then send you a letter hoping you will unwittingly pay their exhorbitant price.

Please do not let the appearance of this document mislead you into thinking that it is an Invoice that must be paid to renew your existing business website domain name !

  • If in fact you would like to register and reserve the “.com” and “.net.au” variations of your domain name, then I.T.ZAP can do that for you at a far cheaper price. Find all the details here ⇒
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