15th December 2023

Newsletter Mailing List website administration procedures

Learn all about the Ecommerce Templates Newsletter "Mailing List" website administration procedures here.

Please note that your website is LIMITED to sending a maximum of 200 emails per hour. This limit is in place to reduce the impact of outgoing spam. Accordingly, the standard Ecommerce Templates Newsletter Mailing List system described below is really only suitable for lists not exceeding a few hundred subscribers.

When sending email newsletters using the Ecommerce Templates system, do use these options:

  • Send in batches of: 2, 50, 150, 200
  • Take Breather every 50 emails: (5 minutes)

If you were to exceed the Email Send Limit, then there is a high probability that your website domain name could be BLACKLISTED as a SPAMMER. This would be a very difficult issue to resolve.

For large subscriber lists you really should use other Newsletter Mailing options like:

  1. Mailmeteor the top-rated mail merge tool for Gmail. Read more here ⇒
  2. MailChimp. Read more here ⇒

Charges apply for those bulk emailing services.

LIST customers who have subscribed to receive your Newsletter by email

Once Logged In to the Ecommerce Templates Administration Panel, click the Mailing List link at the far right of screen to display that Administration Page.

Now simply click the List Results button to display a list of Customers who are currently subscribed to receive your Newsletter by email. Now you can:

  • Search for an email address.
  • Filter the list by Date Range.
  • Filter the list by clicking any Letter in the Alphabet at top of screen.
  • Add Email entry,
  • Modify an entry,
  • Delete an entry, or
  • Send Emails To List currently displayed.

Newsletter Mailing List administration page

MODIFY a Mailing List entry

Click the Modify button at far right of any particular Subscriber. The 2 data fields saved in the Mailing List entry are Name and Email Address. Edit as required and then click the Submit button.

Modify a Mailing List entry

ADD a Mailing List entry

Click the Add Email button. Enter a Name and Email Address and then click the Submit button.

It is presumed that you have the Customer's permission to be Subscribed to your Mailing List. Ideally it would be far better to ask New Customers to visit the website and create a New Account themselves.

Add a Mailing List entry

SEND Emails To List

With all your Email Newsletter Subscribers listed on screen, click the Send Emails To List button.

Send Emails To List

Using the Bairnsdale and District Arts Society as an example, here are details I entered to promote the Newsletter Subject: “New Artie Facts Newsletter available to download”.

Note that an Unsubscribe Link will be included in the Newsletter Footer. If somebody does Unsubscribe, then your Mailing List will be updated automatically.

The message in the newletter body content I CTRL+C copied and CTRL+V pasted into a plain TXT file. Next time a new Newsletter is released, simply open that TXT file and Copy / Paste the same standard message into the newsletter body content area. Very easy !

Click the Submit button to initiate the Email Newsletter Send procedure.

Sample email news article entries

EXPORT the Mailing List to a CSV data file

Open the “Action …” dropdown menu and select Dump Entire Mailinglist.

Dump entire Mailing List to a CSV file

Select the folder location on your PC where you would like to Save the CSV file. Edit the CSV filename however desired. Then click the Save button.

This CSV file will be particularly useful should you wish to Import Data into some other Newsletter Emailing system. For those who have Microsoft Excel, the CSV file can be Saved As an *.xlsx Workbook file.

Mailing List CSV file save

Other Newsletter Mailing options

For large Newsletter Subscriber Lists you should consider using one of these bulk email send systems. Please note that charges do apply.

Mailmeteor, the top-rated mail merge tool for Gmail

Please read these articles:

Mailchimp, Turn Emails into Revenue

Mailchimp is a top rated email marketing and automations platform. The standard Ecommerce Templates Mailing List can be synced with MailChimp to send out your email newsletters.
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