Making YOU the Webmaster in less than 30 minutes

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03rd June 2020

Watch this I.T.ZAPMaking YOU the Webmaster” videos and in less than 30 minutes you will be “sitting in the drivers seat” adding new pages to your website using the Ecommerce Templates content management system and creating impressive Magic Slideshow photo presentations like a pro !

How to create a new webpage

This video is best viewed in full screen HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.
Ignore the part where I entered a Date. The “DP” Date Picker serves that purpose now.

Give each photograph a descriptive filename

Always give your jpg photographs a descriptive filename using all lower case letters and using a dash-to-separate-words.jpg (no spaces).

F2 = rename a file. Or right-click the jpg file and select "Rename". In this example, that filename for the first image was “jr-xg14-radio.jpg

Why ?

  1. Because you may want to find that photo later and embed the image in another webpage body.
  2. Because Search Engines can understand a descriptive “plain english” filename, which gives you an advantage in Google Image Search Results. You will be surprised about how many extra website visitors you will get purely from Google and Bing Image Search alone.
  3. Because filenames on the web are CaSe Sensative. If you use all lower case letters, then you will never need to remember, or wonder, whether the filename contained any Upper Case letters, or not. All lower case filenames are considered “best practice”.
  4. Because Search Engines expect a “dash-to-seperate-words.jpg” in a filename. If you use a space in a filename, then each space is encoded as %20 like: “dash%20to%20seperate%20words.jpg” ... very messy !

The Image Manager uploads all photos into the “prodimages” folder on the server

Take your own photographs using a digital camera or mobile phone. There is no need to edit or resize. Just rename each photo. Then upload the original and let the “Image Manager” both resize photos and optimize the filesize for fast webpage load speed.

If you later decide that the Large photo on your article detail page appears too big, or too small, then simply use the “Image Manager” to upload it again specifying a different image height or width. Use the same filename and the previous photos will be overwritten on the server.

IF your page is an Article and not a Product

There are only 2 things you need to do.

(1) Author name

Ecommerce Templates SKU field becomes the Author name

The "SKU" field is where you enter the article Author name. This can be your personal name, like "Gary Flack", or perhaps "Fred and Wilma", or even just "Admin". Anything like that will satisfy the Google Structured Data Testing Tool.

  • Do not leave the "SKU" field empty, because that will trigger the critical Error "A value for the author field is required".

(2) Is Article

Ecommerce Templates "Is Article" tick box

Once you have clicked  Submit  to save the article:

  1. Open the "Quick entry ..." drop-down menu at left of screen.
  2. Select "Is Article" from the list.
  3. Tick the box beside the Article you just entered. (Note: If the box is empty, then that record is presumed to be a Product.)
  4. Scroll down bottom and  Submit 

Sample Product Detail page

Ecommerce Templates Product Detail Page

Recommended tick box

You can feature selected pages on your Home page using the "Recommended" tick box. You can "recommend" as many pages as you like, although it is probably best to limit the number to 8 or 12 at very most. Change the list of "recommended" pages often to offer returning website visitors something new to look at.

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