16th September 2014

Industrial Automotive Electronics

Filling in work forms by hand, distributing copies and maintaining files is not only time consuming and painful, but so yesterday. I.T.ZAP turned the Industrial Automotive Electronics website into a paperless mobile work form administration system with automated email messaging and self-serve customer login.

Paperless Mobile Work Form Office Administration System

Industrial Automotive Electronics based in Sarsfield, Victoria travel around Australia and provide on-site installation and maintenance of GPS based heavy vehicle telematic tracking systems.

Their Mobile Work Form and Customer Support System was developed exclusively by IT ZAP Website Design Works.

Field service vehicles are all equipped with ruggedized mobile iPads that are permanently connected to the on-line web server and back end database.

  • Service technicians use their iPad in the field to fill in customised Work Forms while on-site that immediately adds a job record to the head office database.
  • Upon submitting a work form, the system automatically sends details of the job completed by email to both the customer head office and IAE head office.
  • Staff can login, query, update, print reports or download job records using the simple database search feature.
  • Each customer can login anytime around the clock, look up, print reports and download an Excel work history for every vehicle in their fleet; an easy on-line "help yourself" service unique to IAE that competing companies simply do not offer.
  • System also includes a Technical Support Library containing Installation Manuals and User Guides that Service Technicans can download whenever required while in the field.
  • Job Schedule helps IAE organise and track progress live of all work requests submitted by customers.
  • Device Service Log helps IAE to keep track of all equipment sent off for repair; the date dispatched and the date returned.

Website features

  • IAE company information, history, services and contact details.
  • Magic Slideshow and Fancybox photo albums.
  • Various pages summarising leading brands of Telematic Tracking Systems and In-Vehicle Camera Systems.
  • Information sheet and equipment brochure downloads.
  • YouTube videos demonstrating equipment.
117 Princes Highway Lucknow Victoria 3875 AU
+613 499 347 269 $399 to $1,500