How to embed a YouTube video or Google Map into your webpage

04th February 2023

This I.T.ZAP Webmaster Video demonstrates how you can embed a YouTube Video or Google Map into your webpage and then apply a mobile friendly responsive CSS style to make the video automatically resize to fit the website visitor's screen width.

Please note that the advice given here is only relevant to websites built for clients of I.T.ZAP Website Design Works.

Key Steps

Watch on YouTube to find Chapter Marks in the video description. Click any Timestamp below to jump to that topic.

00:00 - Copy the YouTube Video Embed <iframe> Code Snippet.

01:09 - View your webpage Source Code, then Paste the YouTube <iframe> Code Snippet into your webpage.

03:25 - Exit Source Code view, Click on the <iframe>, Open the Styles Menu and select either or p.video100

04:24 - If desired, add a Caption underneith the Video, select that Caption paragraph, open Styles Menu and select

05:08 - Embed a Google Map using the same procedure.


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