05th September 2022

How to configure FileZilla website file transfer software

FileZilla is free FTP file transfer software that can be used to upload files to your website server.

While your website Image Manger can be used to upload, resize and optimise the filesize of photographs, FileZilla is very handy for uploading various other types of files to your website server, such as :

  • pdf documents, catalogues, brochures and price list files you make available for download by website visitors.
  • robots.txt and sitemap.xml files for access by Search Engine web crawler robots.
  • CSS website style sheets.
  • Web server application software.

Download FileZilla FREE

Visit the Filezilla website to download the FTP software :

Here you will also find detailed documentation explaining how to install, configure and use FileZilla.

Connecting to your website server using FileZilla

I.T.ZAP clients should open their “Confidential Website Login Details.xlsx” Excel sheet and refer to the “cPanel Server” tab for all their FTP server log-in details.

Excel sheet cPanel Server tab

The “cPanel Server” tab contains all your FTP login details.

After installing FileZilla, open the “File” menu, select “Site Manager …” and click the “New Site” button.

Enter your website name and begin entering configuration details.

General tab

FileZilla General Tab

Enter Host, Port, User and Password.

Advanced tab

FileZilla Advanced Tab

Browse your computer and select the folder where your website files are saved.

For default remote directory, enter: /public_html

Transfer Settings tab

FileZilla Transfer Settings tab

Default. Nothing to do here.

Charset tab

FileZilla Charset tab

Autodetect. Nothing to do here.

You can now click the “Connect” button.

FileZilla unknown security certificate warning

FileZilla unknown security certificate warning

If you see this FileZilla unknown security certificate warning, just tick Yes, Always trust this certificate in future sessions.

FileZilla connected successfully

FileZilla connected to website server successfully

Your local PC folders are displayed in the left-hand panel. Website server folders are displayed in the right-hand panel.

Technical Support

I.T. ZAP clients can contact me should they require assistance.
117 Princes Highway Lucknow Victoria 3875 AU
+613 499 347 269 $399 to $1,500

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