How to add a Newsletter PDF Download webpage

04th February 2023

This I.T.ZAP Webmaster Video demonstrates how to add a new Newsletter PDF Download page to your website using the Ecommerce Templates content management system.

Please note that the advice given here is only relevant to websites built for clients of I.T.ZAP Website Design Works.

Key Steps

Watch on YouTube to find Chapter Marks in the video description. Click any Timestamp below to jump to that topic.

00:00 - How to add a new Newsletter PDF Download page.

01:09 - Use a Website Friendly PDF Filename.

02:28 - Use Filezilla to upload the PDF file into the “docs” folder on your Website Server.

04:05 - Clone a previous Newsletter webpage.

05:00 - Edit the new Newsletter webpage details. Upload a new feature jpg image. Use a website friendly jpg filename.

09:02 - View the webpage “Source” code and edit the PDF Download Filename.

10:25 - Tick the “Recommend Page” box so as this new Article is featured on your website Home Page. Untick other Recommended Pages that are now out of date.

11:38 - Add “Related” Pages. Promote your new Newsletter webpage on Facebook to drive traffic to your website.


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