Blacklist and Whitelist Email Addresses using SpamAssassin

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09th November 2016

Receiving loads of junk emails? Or perhaps you would like to make certain that you do receive all messages from a particular email address. Learn how to Blacklist Spammers and Whitelist Trusted addresses using SpamAssassin in your cPanel Server Administration Panel.

Login to your cPanel Server Administration Panel

All customers of IT ZAP Website Design Works will have been provided with an Excel Workbook titled "Confidential VIP Website Details".

  1. Open that Excel sheet and click the "Login" tab.
  2. There you will find an entry named "cPanel Server Admin Panel".
  3. Click the Website Server Login URL Address and your web browser will open.
  4. To login, enter the Username and Password provided.

How to use Apache SpamAssassin in cPanel

  • For your website domain, any email message received with a Spam Score of 5 or higher will be instantly deleted the moment it arrives. You will never see those messages.
  • Please note that this Spam Score setting can be changed as desired. Or, rather than Auto-Delete, you can direct those messages into a “Spam” folder where they can be viewed later. Also note that you can use the Track Delivery feature to view reports about messages Blocked and Filtered.
  • You can Blacklist and Whitelist individual Email Addresses OR Entire Domain Names.
  • Blocking an entire domain is highly effective. They are entered using an opening wild card * (meaning any address) in the format *
  • Any message received from a Blacklist address or domain will be deleted the moment it arrives. You will never see that email message.
  • Every message received from a Whitelist address or domain will always be accepted and delivered to your Inbox.
  • The Ironport Spam Filter service that we used on the old server is now obsolete.

Limitations of SpamAssassin

  • Blacklisting heaps of individual gmail, outlook and hotmail email addresses is just not practical. Spammers use these free email services because they can regularly create and send from new email addresses whenever desired. Using Global Email Filters in cPanel is the far better option to combat these spammers.
  • Yes, you will receive a lot less spam.
  • Yes, for best results you do need to spend time continually updating your Blacklist and Global Email Filters.
The superior Junk and Phishing Email Filtering Solution is SpamExperts, available to order now.

Global Email Filters

This is an advanced method of filtering unwelcome email messages. Since Email Filters can produce unexpected results at first, this feature should be used with caution and only by experienced users.

  • Global Email Filters apply to ALL the email accounts that you have. This is the usual selection.
  • Email Filters can be applied to any single email address that you select, and no other.
  • Yes, Gary Flack can assist you in creating Global Email Filters to send unwelcome messages from known spammers into cyberspace. yes

To begin, I recommend that any new Email Filter created should NOT be set to Delete messages outright. It is better to direct messages that trigger the filter into a “Spam” or “Junk” folder where they can be viewed later and recovered if necessary. Modify the Filter as necessary and, when satisfied it is working exactly as intended, then you can set the Action to “Delete” message immediately upon receipt.

How to work with Global Email Filters in cPanel

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