Bairnsdale Firearms and Accessories

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27th February 2015

Bairnsdale Firearms wanted a basic website to promote their hunting and game products, display photos and advertise contact details. Facebook "Like" integration helped them build a huge customer following.

Website features

  • Bulletproof "mobile first" responsive design built using ZURB Foundation 5, the most advanced responsive front-end framework in the world.
  • Magic Slideshow store photo album.
  • Facebook business page "Like" button integration with recent Facebook Posts data feed.
  • Links to the websites of their major suppliers.
  • Google Maps business address entry with store photos.
  • StatCounter website visit reports.

Apart from regular advertising, Neil and Sharon also stay in touch with their customers by regularly posting on Facebook. Another free way any business can use to promote products, latest news, generate interest, encourage people to visit your store once again and potentially boost sales.