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08th January 2017

Now advertising over 1,000 products online, Bairnsdale Camping and Outdoors is a fine example how any business can develop their website to consistently rank Top 10 in search results, outperforming other "big name" competitors, generate high visit numbers and attract significant customer interest.

Wendy and David at Bairnsdale Camping and Outdoors won't mind me saying that they started out with limited computer experience. But after a couple of sessions and "Making YOU the Webmaster" videos, now they update their website every week. And they do a fine job of it as well.

They also make good use of their Facebook and Google+ social media pages by regularly posting links to new product pages, items of particular interest or on special. Another way to advertise products, stay in touch with customers, generate interest, direct followers to visit your business website once again and potentially increase sales ... free of charge.

Website features

  • Upgraded to Foundation 6 responsive framework in June 2016.
  • Shopping Cart with Credit Card and PayPal payment gateway activated January 2017.
  • Unique Website Template and CSS developed by ITZAP Website Design Works.
  • mmenu responsive mobile menu.
  • Font Awesome quick nav icon bars optimized for mobile touchscreen users.
  • Magic Slideshow photo presentations supporting mouse, keyboard, touchscreen finger tap and swipe navigation.
  • Facebook page and Google+ business page integration.
  • Facebook "Like / Share" and Google+ "+1" buttons throughout website.
  • Open Graph "OG" meta tags in HTML code for sharing correct page details and photo to Facebook and Google+ posts.
  • Rich Snippets coded in all product detail pages.
  • Recommended products on the Home page, changed whenever desired.
  • Dozens of Menu Categories and Sub-Categories. Hundreds of pages.
  • Ask a Question.
  • Customer Reviews.
  • Google Maps local business entry.
  • YouTube Video Channel.
  • Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and StatCounter website visit reports.

Bairnsdale Camping and Outdoors is a local business where you will receive a warm welcome, personal service and friendly advice about things to see and do around East Gippsland.

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